I was just happy my manic & I

Morning was mocking us

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I find him wrapped-up in allmannerofsins
Morning was mocking us...
Kris(ten), I'm 25 & a Fashion buyer in London. I live with my wonderful boyfriend in Kensington. I'm a tad neurotic. I smoke like a chimney & swear like a sailor. I find it impossible to function without tea (three sugars please). I'm an English Literature junkie. Leaving London makes me anxious. I hate people who are egotistical, dishonest, rude & delusional. I can speak Italian & French quite fluently. I own so many shoes & clothes it's probably unhealthy. Im very opinionated and have no brain > mouth filter. Am a proud fangirl & an even prouder R/K shipper. I also enjoy a bit of writing here & there.
Blood hit the sky...
If you're interested in rpf, visit my personal journal where I post drabbles, one-shots and everything else I may fancy writing; new_romanticway Also, I wouldn't write if it wasn't for my beautiful, talented beta sloppy_drunk so I highly reccomend her wonderful writing which you can find here; hrdly_breathing
Tara & myself also run two public rpf communities, so if you write yourself or just want to see some talented writers work visit; fityouinmyheart or, smut_whores
I was just happy my manic & I.
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